. Smack U Twice .

The Katy Hudson/Perry Guru! =D Get Ready! <3

A different view of Katy’s (while under cover) car crash at a birthday party…

Katy Perry + Guitar 

so, ya, brillz. maker of this… you can strum my guitar anytime… hmmm…

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Anonymous asked: I won't be seeing Katy in concert, so I will be looking to you for updates, as I am a new comer to her music, now that some of her bubblegum has lost it's pop, ha. Your posts rock I lol'd so hard at firework funk video & last not least KP is the most remarkably beautiful, stunningly gorgeous, woman I have ever seen without make up on. Get that message to her ;) k, thx!

YAY!!! Welcome aboard the Katy Perry Train! =D Wonderful to hear… love those ‘stories.’

Buttttttttt……… you should see her in concert. For real! Or at leats look into it… she’s an AMAZING performer. So many have NO idea. Once her tour starts… I think it’ll be a bit of “OMG! I have to go see Katy in concret now, cuz she does this, this and oh, THAT!” HEHEHEHE!

Thanks for the love!

Anonymous asked: Is the cmt crossroads live???????

Noooooo. :) Dont worry. It’s just taped tonight… and will air on June 13th!! :)

Let’s throw it back to when Katy covered a Bonnie Rait song…

"Cant Make You Love Me"

WOW, hey…

LET THE LIGHT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LET THE LIGHT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU&#8217;RE GONNA HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!!!!!! And&#8230; FOLLOW YOUR ARROW&#8230; Katy &amp; Kacey&#8230; TONIGHT!!!


HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Katy Perry -  2006 Coachella