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Anonymous asked: Hey Tara! I don't know if you've seen the picture Markus posted on IG but it's a thing for an event called the Imagine Ball. Katys name is on picture and it's a day that she doesn't have a show but it's in LA so I don't know if it would even be possible for her to go. I just thought I would ask your opinion on if you think she's going or not because usually you know these kind of things lol.

Wow, good eye! I didnt catch that! :) 

After some research… I dont think she’ll be there. She’s listed as a co-chair which means she helped plan/supports/donated/ect. There’s a list of performers and hosts — no Katy. It is on a day off… and I know she can travel like a mad cat, sooo… if she wants to BE there to show support, that’s great. If she wants to catch her breath on this massive tour, that’s great, too. hehe!!!

Good catch — thanks for being so sweet and asking me. =D 

unforgettablekaty asked: Why do you slam Katy so damn much? You have no idea if TIHWD will go #1. So, shut the fuck up!

Wow, REALLY?!? You just said THAT… to ME… ? Wait, WHAT!

I’m not sharing my hot wings with you either!!! *wink*

"Broken" - The Matrix + Katy Perry (2004)

What do you do…

Anonymous asked: can you find the tweet that katy tweeted about spring breakers? didnt she tweet selena gomez or something?> worst movie ever by the way

I did find this one… :)

Sorry to hear you didnt enjoy the movie. :( I didnt see it… and doubt I ever will, lol. *shrug*

Anonymous asked: Do you think TIHWD could be #1?

Nope. =D And that is perfectly fine, hehe! :)

Anonymous asked: hi tara!i was just curious as to what your favorite unreleased songs and/or katy hudson song(s) were?idk what rock ive been under but i recently discovered "hook up" and im utterly in LOVE? :D

Awww! Did you know Kelly Clarkson sang Hook Up years ago???

Hmm, without thinking too much… I love The Box, The Driveway, I Think I’m Ready and Takes One To Know One… I love Would You Care w/The Matrix… and Take A Walk!!

I love Naturally from Katy Hudson… so raw, so real… and Piercing…

Woo, thx for the question!

This will never get old, hehehehe!!!!

This will never get old, hehehehe!!!!

Almost 1 year ago…