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The Katy Hudson/Perry Guru! =D Get Ready! <3

Anonymous asked: Is Katy's nose ring on the right or left side? I get so confused because in some pics it looks like it's on the left and some it looks like its on the right!! :)

Ha, IKR!!!

It’s on her right side. (Where it was when she was younger, too.) :) Opposite of mine, lol! :)

I remember hearing this song on the radio… about a year before I even became a KatyCat!!! It only happened a few times… and always in the car… *thinking mode*

I still love it. Katy looks INCREDS!

"Go Backstage with COVERGIRL Katy Perry & Her Prismatic World Tour"

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Ya think it’s David in the water… until she gets out… =D

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Anonymous asked: How do you look so far back at Katy's tweets from like 2008?

Probably lots of programs and searches that do… here is a start! Further, you can Google “how to read old tweets” :)

Anonymous asked: how did you go backstage at pwt

I didnt. :) They are from Claires Facebook. :)

I Went On Stage At the Katy Perry Concert!”

Anonymous asked: Why is Katy so against Choose your Battles and singing it live?

I don’t know. Why? :)

…I dont think she has explained herself further, so who knows. *shrug*

katyperrymarryme asked: Idk what we'd do without you Tara!

asdfghjkl asdfghjkl asdfghjkl =D

Really tho, I danno what I’d do without all ya’ll too! So… …there!!! hehehe