. Smack U Twice .

The Katy Hudson/Perry Guru! =D Get Ready! <3

Anonymous asked: I hear ppl talking about these extra features on katy perry part of me fan edition. Is this real? Are they available to watch anywhere ? Thanks angel 👼

They were on some deluxe editions of KP3D… one was the Target Fan Exclusive version. I know they are on YouTube, verrrry bad quality, but hey, it works, LOL! They are unlisted tho, so I’d have to find them again, hmm!


Seriously the best thang ever… kicking it way back to 2010…

My heart dropped… mixed emotions… even as I tried to just follow Katy’s tushie… =D

VMAs 2009


Sooo… I dont think we’ve had the full 10 mins from this… ?!


"Are you ready to be breathing the same air…"

Anonymous asked: Why is katy in Oregon is she's not playing there?

She is playing there… tomorrow. :) Portland, Oregon. Which is also where the label that signed her to do the Katyy Hudson album was based. Hmmm!

My PrayerWhen I was outsideI sat by the side.While listening to the windAs it past by the treesAs I sat on my kneessaying a prayer,and I said,Lord I have a love for youthat&#8217;s so very rare.So show me the path thatI can happily explore,So I can learn about you moreAmen!

My Prayer
When I was outside
I sat by the side.
While listening to the wind
As it past by the trees
As I sat on my knees
saying a prayer,
and I said,
Lord I have a love for you
that’s so very rare.
So show me the path that
I can happily explore,
So I can learn about you more